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Food for the soul

Next time you find yourself shopping around in Hallett Cove, why not venture out to find Café Rimini to get your Italian food fix?!

Tucked away in a quiet corner that is adjacent to the spacious Hallett Cove Shopping Centre is a humble looking Italian restaurant that specializes in serving up some seriously satisfying food and drink to warm up the bellies. Open under new management (as of May 2019) and focusing on delivering authentic Italian cuisine, Café Rimini is a space that is open to anyone and everyone from all walks of life, where people can enjoy something small or hearty, with a generous serve of hospitality, community, and welcoming.

With the aim of injecting a bit more modernity to the quirky and fun character of the café, Sam, Bash and their team are introducing fresh and vibrant fittings, revamped furniture, and a variety of healthy and delicious options to their menu that will attract younger crowds as well. The space also offers a balance in providing an atmosphere that is both intimate and social, which is ideal for hosting small-scale functions, family gatherings, and a celebratory spot for special occasions with quality food, drink, and customer service.

The overall cuisine is Italian, but with a modern twist. The menu is packed with loads of options that would suit a diverse range of palates. No matter what time of the day you head to Cafe Rimini, you’ll be well-looked after! From gourmet pizzas to seafood options in pasta to mad milkshakes and everything in between, there is something for everyone.

Step up your brekkie game with the Brekky Bruschetta, which comes with smashed avocado, cherry tomatoes, Spanish onion, and topped with a perfectly poached egg that cuts to presents with a silky yolky ooze – enough to make you drool with pleasure!

For lunch, enjoy a delectable Gourmet Chicken pizza that is freshly made in their oven and offers a brilliant crisp on their pizza base, which is topped with all the yummy stuff – marinated chicken, mushroom slices, roasted capsicum, sundried tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese…are you hungry yet?

While the beach may be a short drive away, there are fish and chips on the menu that may as well mentally transport you to the seaside. Beer battered fish and freshly fried chips that are served with a side of tartare sauce will warm up the cockles in no time!

If you’re not super hungry but are feeling peckish, there is a selection of baked goods and sweet treats to complement a fresh cup of coffee or tea that can add to your day’s delight and is (obviously) best enjoyed with good company by your side.

The food may not be overly theatrical, but its colorful selection of tasteful and complementary ingredients will be enough to win your heart (and stomach) over and give you the satisfaction of a hearty meal.

From our recent visit, we noticed that it didn’t take long for the café to fill up their empty tables with customers, who were seemingly enjoying their meals and drinks with mates and family. It’s a particular highlight that caught my attention, as there was a beautiful mix of couples, friends, and family who were taking advantage of this space, which is cleverly located next to a shopping mall. Nothing beats a good meal but what adds to the dining experience is the customer service and with the recent shake-up of the management and staff, it seems that customers visiting the newly (re-)opened Cafe Rimini will be getting so much more – not just food for the belly, but food for the soul.

Written by: Fatema Sitabkhan // Photos by: Brenda Loveday

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