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Messy Play Classes

We are excited to be bringing Messy Play sessions to Hallett Cove Shopping Centre! Through our partner, First Senses, parents can choose a session suitable for them and book online here. Messy Play sessions are $12.50 per child per session.

What is Messy Play?

Babies and children learn and develop through play, especially through unstructured, exploratory play. Although playing a game or playing with toys can be educational and fun; messy play focuses on exploring and experimenting with different materials and textures without any end goal. This allows young children to make their own discoveries using their senses, curiosity and knowledge.

Because messy play is exploratory there is no right or wrong way. This allows children of all ages and abilities to benefit from this type of play. Messy play supports children’s social development too, children play together, share together and it doesn’t have to rely on words. Messy play can however encourage a child’s language development for example explaining, describing textures, feelings which can allow your children to build their jocularly.

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