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Animoz raises awareness for Australian Wildlife

In Australia, we have one of the worst animal extinction rates in the world. ANiMOZ aims to change the path we’re on by engaging people of all ages – but particularly our Junior Rangers – in how incredible, unique and vital our native species are. There are two primary methods for this: firstly, the ANiMOZ Starter Pack is a standalone card game for up to 4 people, with strategic rules where Rangers have to build a Healthy Ecosystem and a Sanctuary, and overcome the dangers animals face in the wild. Secondly, in the long-term, it will be a collectible card game for kids with booster packs that will reveal more and more Australian creatures.

Aussie animals have amazing superpowers that are hard to believe, and these powers are one of the most exciting parts of the cards! HORRiD the Thorny dragon pulls water up his legs against gravity! AUDAX the Wedge-tailed eagle has electromagnetic vision! Kids and adults will all fall in love with species they’ve never heard of before, and begin learning more about them through the official rules or by creating their own games.

ANiMOZ was created by an Adelaide local, Joel, who is studying Animal Science at Flinders University. After chatting to his two young nephews about other collectible games they enjoyed, he was blown away by how much they knew, and realised this energy and passion could be directed toward the natural environment. That was over two years ago, and in December 2019 the finished product was launched: 54 animal cards, beautifully illustrated by Joel’s friend Bonnie-Marie, that are both fun and educational. A portion of all sales go straight back into conservation work, and ANiMOZ has big visions to change the conservation game!

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