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“I WON A CAR!” Could you ever imagine those words coming out of your mouth? Dennis, our grand prize winner of ‘The Great SA Giveaway’ certainly could. Dennis is now the proud owner of a brand new Toyota RAV4 Hybrid GX worth $40,000. All Dennis had to do, was spend $30 or more in-centre, over one day, and enter his receipt details online! We received tens of thousands of entrants, and, Dennis was randomly selected as our grand prize winner. We had the privilege of interviewing Dennis about his exciting win, and, this is what he said.

Have you won anything before?

Dennis Bird: A long time ago, when I was a ‘wee lad’, I was fortunate enough to win a holiday – but not as significant prize as this. Perhaps now, with my wonderful new RAV4 Hybrid loaded up with all my beach gear, life will become one long holiday for me!

Tell us about the moment when you found out that you had won a brand new Toyota RAV 4 Hybrid.

Dennis Bird: I was in the Marion library when I quietly answered my silently vibrating mobile phone – only doing so because I expected it related to a family member health issue. The phone caller treaded carefully checking that she had the right person on the line, introducing herself and mentioning the competition. The next half a minute felt like 10 minutes with my mind scrambling and my heart beating madly in anticipation of the news of what prize I may have won. Well the disbelief and jubilation I felt when told that I had won the Grand Prize of a Toyota RAV4 Hybrid worth $40,000! And the frustration, much to the amusement of the bearer of this great news, that I couldn’t shout and jump for joy uncontrollably … because I was in a library! I did apologise to the librarians in case I was still too loud – but they were happy that one of their borrowers could be so lucky.

What car did you drive before?

Dennis Bird: For many years I drove a 1999 Mitsubishi Magna sedan and more recently a 2018 Mazda 3 sedan. I liked both cars but this RAV4 Hybrid is a huge step up and is going to be perfect for my recreational and beach based lifestyle. I can’t wait to see my stand-up paddle board up on its roof!

Where was the first place you drove in your new set of wheels’?

Dennis Bird: I drove straight from Northpoint Toyota to briefly see my mother, who lives on that same side of town, before picking up a mate to celebrate by going out for dinner. On the way home to Hallett Cove the RAV4 was subject to by far the heaviest downpour of rain I have experienced while driving. It was a hairy few minutes in my brand spanking new RAV4 but we both came through it in flying colours.

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