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Get Summer Camping Ready at Big W

The skies are clear and the nights are warm, who needs a hotel when every comfort is available to set up camp in the great outdoors. Big W have created the perfect camping checklist.

Creating your Oasis

Setting up your home away from home is easy with the pop up tent. With a few clicks you are able to enjoy the amazing sanctuary of your new home.

If you need further living areas, a play room, dining room… why not use a gazebo. With attachable sides you will also be able to enjoy the room, without the flies!

Sleeping under the stars

Being warm and comfortable is the key to a good night sleep and with the magic of being under the stars, how can life get any better!

With sleeping bags and inflatable mattresses to suit everyone, snuggling up at the end of a day in the sun will be irresistible! Dont forget to take a sleeping bag for complete warmth.

TIP: Check the label for warmth level and ensure you have the right one for your destination.

All the creature comforts

Just because you are camping does not mean that you need to sacrifice your comfort. Adding a hammock and some camping furniture, setting up a camp kitchen and even just having a table to sit at, means that all home amenities are transcended into the beautiful campside setting.

And the best thing, fold it all up and pack in the car, so that travelling to the next site is never easier!

Adding the final touches…

Don’t forget to pack the coolers to keep food out of the Australian heat. Add a few lights and some outdoor dinnerware & serveware and sit back and relax in the beautiful outdoors.

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