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Top picnic spots in Hallett Cove

Do you think a picnic takes tons of planning? Not if you head to Hallett Cove Shopping Centre. We are home to a handful of retailers that serve up fresh and ready-to-eat foods, and the centre is surrounded by amazing picnic spots that you can enjoy well into the evening. With Australia Day around the corner, we thought we would put together a picnic guide. This guide includes the best produce in centre, picnic accessories and our top picnic spots in Hallett Cove.


Delicious delicacies are just waiting to join your picnic. Choices include:


Once you have the food, it’s time to pick a place.

Heron Way Reserve

The reserve features a commemorative space, regional playground, fitness equipment along with picnic facilities. It is adjacent to Grand Central Avenue Reserve. The Heron Way Reserve at Hallett Cove is only a 5 minute car drive from the centre.

Find out more: Heron Way Reserve

Pavana Reserve

This is an off-leash park where dogs can exercise off-leash. The reserve offers picnic facilities, playground, sports area with bike racks.

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Shamrock Reserve

Kids can race down the embankment tube slide, swing on the basket swing, or take turns on the water pump and water rill. Bringing your own toy boats to race down the water rill is encouraged. Shamrock Reserve is home to picnic facilities, BBQ area, toilets and a tennis court.

Find out more: Shamrock Reserve

Since the seasonal sun doesn’t start to set until 7:30 p.m, you and your family have plenty of daylight in which to enjoy the warmer weather, fantastic foods, and phenomenal picnic spots around Hallett Cove Shopping Centre.

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