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Welcome Everest Tea House!

Hallett Cove Shopping Centre is excited to welcome Everest Tea House who opened their doors this week in the ex-India House tenancy!

Owner, Dharma comes from an extensive background in the hospitality industry and can’t wait to share his love of Himalayan food with our local community. Their menu and dishes are prepared by their executive Chef Dharma, who prides himself in cooking traditional Himalayan recipes just for you.

The origin of the Tea House

A Nepalese Tea House is traditionally a place which offers tea and local home cooked food to friends and travelers along the walking trails of the Himalayas. These mountain Tea Houses are a welcomed sight as people gather to chat, socialise and enjoy a place to rest with good company. Being welcomes into a warm Tea House by a Nepalese family is a wonderful part of the experience.

Himalayan buffet menu on this Sunday April 30th! Check out the menu and deals here:HIMALAYAN SUNDAY BUFFET EVEREST TEA HOUSE 30th April

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