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It’s official. Bami Hallett Cove are opening their doors on the 10th of August from 9:30am! Tran and the team have been working hard behind the scenes to get their store ready for their launch. From 11:30am on opening day, they will be giving away Bami Rolls, Salad Bowls and Honey Chicken for FREE to the first lucky 150 customers! Their menu stars an array of Vietnamese delights: the aromatic Phở, the crunchy Bánh mì, the fresh and flavourful spring rolls, the healthy and hearty salad bowls, the sizzling stir fries and many more – all prepared by their dedicated chefs.

Renowned for our scrumptious, fast, and modern Asian dishes, they are here to take you on an unforgettable culinary journey to the vibrant heart of Vietnam. Born out of the shared passion of a group of friends for authentic Vietnamese cuisine, BAMI began as a humble food van in 2016, serving Vietnamese rolls at shopping centres. Today with over 10 successful franchises across various Adelaide suburbs, they stand tall as a beacon of Vietnamese culinary tradition, enhanced by a modern twist. BAMI’s mission is simple- to deliver vigorous, hearty flavours to those hungry for a taste of adventure, conveniently and quickly. Inspired by the culinary magic of their hardworking mothers who crafted simple yet unforgettable meals, their diverse menu presents a blend of taste, nostalgia, and innovation. it includes not just healthy and convenient options like “Bami or Salad Bowl”, but also fresh and tasty meals prepares by their WOK kitchen round the clock. Vietnamese cuisine, renowned for its health benefits and global appeal, forms the cornerstone of its menu. Prioritising a delicate balance of nutrition in the dishes, it ensures that both taste and well-being is catered for. By maintaining the essence of Vietnamese flavours, they aim to strike a balance between traditional and modern Australian Palates.

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