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Tuesday 2 February, 2021 to Sunday 28 March, 2021

Taste the World’s Thickest Shake at Wendy’s Milk Bar

Now at Wendy’s Milk Bar – the World’s Thickest Shake? is our Extreme Shakes range.

All EXTREME flavors, with real Ice Cream – Cookies ‘n’ Cream Extreme Shake with an Oreo Cookie, Chocolate Slam Shake with an Original Chocolate Tim Tam and Honeycomb Hit Shake with a Crunchie – all blitzed into the World’s Thickest Shakes! 

Watch out for brain-freeze though cos they are EXTREMELY THICK – We dare you!

Join the Wendy’s Milk Bar Insider Club and earn $1 for every $10 that you spend – Visit your local Wendy’s Milk Bar today! 

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